Willian will save Arsenal a huge amount of money after he decides to “break” the contract

Willian, midfielder of English Arsenal, wants to terminate his contract with the club, as he believes that his career with him has failed. More info at 1xbet login.

Willian’s contract with Arsenal is still two years away, but he is in a hurry to leave. The footballer felt that his career was stagnating at the club and he risked being unemployed indefinitely. Willian did not want to waste his employers’ money and decided to leave for another club. At Arsenal, he received 276,000 euros a week. Thanks to his departure, Willian will save the club about 20 million euros. The club that Willian chose will pay the athlete 70% less, namely the native Corinthians.

Arsenal are really going through difficult times right now: zero points, the same number of goals scored and the last place after three rounds.

Willian himself stated:

“It’s kind of a nightmare, because after moving to Arsenal, all this cannot be called career development, since nothing worked out with the club with which I pinned my hopes.”

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